about us

About Us

Saudi Canadian Glass, is a leading glass manufacturer that was founded in June 2007 with a total capital investment of 55 million EGP. We celebrated our start of production at the start of May 2009. In between, plant, buildings, machinery were designed, built or purchased according to the latest technology standards. High skilled labor was chosen to run these huge premises in a well controlled and managed manner.

During the mean time, the company�s production is being sold and distributed around the four corners of Egypt.
In addition, we are engaging in long term exporting strategy that will spread our production over the seven seas. 
Some of the countries we are already exporting to, includes but not limited to Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Libya, Palestine and Romania. We are committed to increase our quality of production through two main processes:
Increasing our technical expertise of our labor through frequent and high end training.
Always allowing implementation of the latest technology advances in our lines of production.
Our Clients� interests are our first concern. Their success is a proof of our success. Win-Win situations are our daily strategy we assume.
SCglass employees